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Livingstone is a gateway to one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the town of Livingstone is becoming ever more popular as the preferred destination to pass through when visiting the highest waterfall on the face of the earth, the Victorian Falls. Although a distance from the drenching mist of the mighty waterfall, the quaint town is soaked and overflowing with historical significance and cultural appeal.

Named after Dr. David Livingstone the charming colonial town’s Edwardian buildings echo the Englishman’s immortal words written about “a sight so wonderful that angels mush have gazed down on it in flight.” It is from this town where you too can gaze down at the majestic intensity of the Victoria Falls by taking part in the famous Flight of Angels; a voyage across the heights of the falls by microlight, light aircraft or helicopter.

Livingstone is a town revelling in the charisma of a colonial era and the slow pace of a time gone by. Largely seen as a tribute to Dr. David Livingstone, the town is littered with a museum, a few monuments and a church dedicated to the memory of the great English explorer and missionary.

Best season to visit Livingstone

Livingstone is graced by a humid subtropical climate. The rainy season peaks in March and April filling the gorge. During this season, expect hot summer temperatures. The dry season causes a drop in the falls, gorge and river; peaking in November and December.

Gettings to Livingstone

Livingstone may be reached via scheduled flights from Lusaka, as well as daily flights from Johannesburg, South Africa.


Advice from Safari Russ:

“Here you can explore thrilling activities like white-water rafting, microlight flights over the falls, sundowner cruises and other wildlife encounters like walking with lions or elephant back trails. Livingstone is the preferred side to stay when visiting the falls.

History at a Glance

Under the imperial rule of the British South African Company in the 1890’s, Cecile John Rhodes exploited the area for its natural resources, known then as North-Western Rhodesia. In 1897, the first municipality was established which some called Old Livingstone. Due to malaria outbreak, the British South African Company decided to move to higher grown known as Constitutional Hill.

As the area expanded into a town, it was decided to name it Livingstone as a tribute to the great explorer and missionary. With the growth of the Rhodesian Railway reaching Victoria Falls in 1904, the Victoria Falls Bridge started to be constructed. Prior to its development, the railway was extended from Livingstone to Kalomo.

A year later, in 1905, the bridge was fully functional and with its opening, the town boomed causing the Company to name Livingstone its capital in 1907. As the Company’s control extended, North-Western Rhodesia was combined with North-Eastern Rhodesia to form Northern Rhodesia in 1911. In 1935, Livingstone lost its favour as the capital city and due to its proximity to the Copperbelt, the honour fell to Lusaka.

After independence rained across the country, political crisis resulted in Zambia closing the shared border with Zimbabwe at Livingstone. This resulted in a major economic decline for Livingstone and caused development to seize, preserving the town in a state of colonial charm as it still stands today.

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