Photographic Safari

Create unforgettable memories photographing Africa

Whether you are a nature, wildlife or landscape photographer, in the field of art photography or an enthusiast, it is all about inspiration and we are sure that southern Africa has plenty to inspire you.

Nature has captivated the creative minds of many in the past, from poets to painters, and with digital photography becoming ever more accessible, why not go on a photography safari and allow southern Africa to become the subject of your art.

There is nothing better than the light that radiates from an African sun, beaming through the mist as the Victoria Waterfall roars with overwhelming beauty or breaking through the rugged rocks as it illuminates the hills and mountains of Drakensburg.

Wildlife are exciting subjects to zoom in on especially the Big Five, from a pride of lions playing about in the bush to the herds of elephants spouting water while buffalo gather at the water hole. Relive your African experiences by documenting the culture and way of life, from traditional homesteads in Swaziland to township living in famous Gugulethu situated on the outskirts of Cape Town.

Incredible Facts

  • There are over 1100 mammals species that call Africa home
  • There are around 2 700 bird species recorded in Africa
  • Botswana has over 188 000 elephants in its borders
  • Over a million wildebeest migrate between Kenya and Tanzania
  • Red-billed quelea, a small bird, come together in flocks of over millions

Advice from Safari Russ:

“Being prepared is always a good thing but just like having your zoom lens, memory cards and tripods handy, do not forget to bring along your respect because it is an asset to possess, especially when photographing people, their tradition and please ensure not to invade their privacy.

Capture the moment

– Safari Russ –

African Travel Expert


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