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Amongst the many reasons to visit Africa, the greatest and most abundant asset is the legendary wildlife. World famous for the Big Five; from lions, leopards to elephants, rhino and buffalo, Africa is the best place to experience these phenomenal beasts up close and roaming freely in their natural habitat. With such a remarkably diverse landscape, African ecosystems are thriving from the smallest to the biggest.

The oldest desert in the world is found in Namibia and sustains unique wildlife, the Western Cape’s Floral Kingdom has been deemed a natural world heritage site due to the prolific plant species and bird life, and the lush swamplands of Botswana and Zambia are home to an array of flapping fish species. Southern Africa has a variety of protected edens aimed at conserving many of the world’s endangered animals, birds and plants.

Enjoy a bush breakfast with the tweeting of birds buzzing all around you in Malawi’s Liwonde National Park, or explore the exciting night life and drive through Kruger National Park with the safety of a ranger. Our protected parks are filled with animals but be advised, they may be furry, fluffy and appear tame; in actual fact they are wild and may become fierce when they feel threatened.

Incredible Facts

  • There are over 1100 mammals species that call Africa home
  • There are around 2 700 bird species recorded in Africa
  • Botswana has over 188 000 elephants in its borders
  • Over a million wildebeest migrate between Kenya and Tanzania
  • Red-billed quelea, a small bird, come together in flocks of over millions

Advice from Safari Russ:

“Safari drives are the iconic African experience – its something everyone should experience at least once. The biomes in Africa are so diverse that you can never say ‘I have seen it all’

Highlights of going on safari

No matter where you go on safari in Africa, Greenlife will ensure that you have an unforgettable experience. The African bush in a unique place that captivates and teaches you a different perspective of life.

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