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There are a few things that have perfected the balance between simplicity and beauty, and one of those things is the hot air balloon. Intensity builds as you are being lifted higher, above the tree tops. The serenity you feel as you drift across blue skies, savouring the moment while being graced with panoramic views of breathtakingly gorgeous landscapes. There is simply nothing as beautiful as this experience, other than sharing it with another.

Time slows and horizons are never ending when viewing wildlife at Kruger National Park, exploring the vast expanse of the Namibian dessert or drifting across the hills and valleys of Magaliesburg in a hot air balloon.

If the flight of technology and the sound of an engine are more intriguing, then charter a helicopter, a fixed wing aircraft or a microlight for a bird’s eye view of Africa’s splendour. Sore across the mighty Victoria Falls or along the tropical coastline of Mozambique.

Whether you choose to drift or dart across the African sky; there is no doubt that you will be elevated into astonishing vistas of bliss and beauty.


  • See the world from above
  • Great photo opportunity
  • Available at most destinations
  • Marvel at incredible landscapes
  • Private trips can be arranged
  • Hot air balloons are a silent way to observe animals

Note that this is a weather dependent activity.


Advice from Safari Russ:

To make your journey in Africa even more special, why not combine a romantic champagne breakfast with a scenic flight. “

Inspirational views from above

One of the wonderful things about scenic flights is that the team here at Greenlife are able to arrange them in almost every part of Africa. Yes, even very remote destinations. However, only certain types of transport are available at certain destinations.

– Safari Russ –

African Travel Expert


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