You dont simply want to travel through a destination, you want to experience it, you want to taste, hear and feel it! Africa is full of things to do – if you can dream it, we can arrange it. Below are a handful of experiences to get you excited.

Unforgettable and Iconic African Experiences

Wildlife and Safaris

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Amongst the many reasons to visit Africa, the greatest and most abundant asset is the legendary wildlife and no activity is more iconic than a safari drive.

Trekking and Walking Safaris

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Uniquely African, a walking safari entails trekking through the changing landscape with a knowledgeable guide or ranger or a local tribesman.

Cultural Experiences

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We are so passionate about people and their history that we sometimes get carried away by the cultural and historical diversity in Southern Africa.


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Playing host to many migratory birds, any budding ornithologist or avid birdwatcher would be in states of high spirits when spotting some of southern Africa’s migratory or rare flyers.

Ballooning & Flying

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 The serenity you feel as you drift across blue skies, savouring the moment while being graced with panoramic views of breathtakingly gorgeous landscapes.

Adventure Sports

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The soothing sounds of the lapping ocean waves are the perfect soundtrack while lounging about on the beach front with friends, enjoying the African sun with dessert cocktails.

Wine and Dine

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Not only do we have the best wines, we have some of the best menus too. Class, elegance and sophistication exude from our top boutique restaurants including Wolfgat best restaurant in the world 2019.

Floral Safari and Biodiversity

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Southern African landscapes are varied, ranging from deserts, fynbos, savannah woodlands to grasslands, indigenous forests, swamplands and arid zones. There is also a plethora of medical plants.

Health and Wellness

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There are a number of world-class spa destinations and health retreats that specialize in restorative therapy and pampering treatments and most resorts have in-house specialists.

Giving back and volunteering

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Even though tourism may entail luxury, leisure and exciting adventures, Greenlife Africa supports the initiative to give back to countries in dire need of educational and social assistance.


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The soothing sounds of the lapping ocean waves are the perfect soundtrack while lounging about on the beach front with friends, enjoying the African sun with dessert cocktails tantalizing your taste buds.


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Nature has captivated the creative minds of many in the past, from poets to painters, and with digital photography becoming ever more accessible, why not go on a photography safari.

If you can think of it – we can arrange it


  • "Greenlife Safaris has helped us plan three life changing trips through Southern Africa. What sets them apart is that they were by our side, just a call away and helped us with a few things like when we blew out 2 tires on the rental car out in the bush and when we left some valuables in a hotel safe."

    Deberie Gomez-Grobe
    Deberie Gomez-Grobe USA
  • "Greenlife organized our safari and we couldn't be more happy with the way things worked out. From the initial planning stages when Russ responded immediately to all my questions about our personal requirements and how we were going to keep it within my budget".

    Joe Wild USA
  • “Best Safari company, very professional, passionate team who cares about you and the environment and makes your safari dreams come true.”

     Nicolas De Jongh
    Nicolas De Jongh Canada


Travel Consultant


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