Etosha Pan – Namibia

Namibia’s greatest Sanctuary

World renowned and World-renowned, Namibia’s greatest and most scenic wildlife sanctuary, the Etosha National Park is an arid wonderland that far exceeds the expectations of its visitors. It is here where dust demons dance across a vast flat depression, as it gleams a blinding silvery-white and covers newly a quarter of Etosha National Park’s surface.

Believed to be an inland lake some 12 million years ago, all that remain now is the cracked clay pans of a shimmer and glisten muddy layer which distorts the African sun’s fiery rays, casting a myriad of mirages and deceiving the eyes of the onlooker. Though deprived of water for most of the year, the Etosha Pans become a shallow green-blue algae pool after the refreshing showers arrive during the rainy season, attracting a prolific number of flamingos, pelicans and other waders.

Game is prolific in Etosha National Park, boasting more than 114 species of animals, including Africa’s much sought after; the Big Five. The splendour of Etosha does not revolve around the number of wildlife that roam these plans, but around the ease at which animals are seen throughout the day and night.

With more than 40 waterholes scattered along 800km; spotting prowling lions, nocturnal leopards, trotting elephants, herds of zebra and many endemic antelope boils down to patience. Let’s not forget that Etosha National Park is a magnificent sanctuary to all bird lovers too. The park attracts well over 340 varieties of bird, many of which are only found within the park and its surrounding areas.

The best season for Etosha Pan

Etosha National Park has a dry arid climate. The rainy season peaks in January to March, during which the area experiences its hottest and wettest time of year. As the rain approaches, the birds flock in generally between November and March. Game-viewing is best done during the dry season, which lasts from May to September and peaks in July onwards.

Suggested Stay Details

Etosha National Park is a land of majestic beauty, prolific in wildlife and embodies nature’s splendour. To fully appreciate and explore the park, we suggest 2 to 4 nights when staying at a private safari lodge, or a 4 to 5 night stay shared between


Advice from Safari Russ:

“Probably one of the best desert wildlife encounters in Southern Africa. Etosha Pan is a watering place for many miles of arid habitat. This is a place to get close and personal with large concentrations of birds, antelope, predators, rhino and elephant. The experience is still worth putting up with the popularity of the destination.

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    Deberie Gomez-Grobe
    Deberie Gomez-Grobe USA
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     Nicolas De Jongh
    Nicolas De Jongh Canada

– Safari Russ –

African Travel Expert


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